Mold Research & Development

Development of forged product – our core technology

    Every customer has its own requirement. Thus, during the development of a product, we keep in close communication with customers to ensure the product can reach the customers’ requirements.

    During the development stage of the forged products, through the Advance Product Quality Plan (APQP), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and Statistical Process Control (SPC), we establish work procedures and quality activities for each stage to ensure the managerial activities for design, prototype, trial production, and mass production can work effectively.


    With PRO/ENGINEER design software, we can precisely calculate and design the final dimensions of the forged product; to reduce the time and cost for mold trial. With MSC SuperForge stress analysis software, we can analyze the processes to ensure every process of the forged product can reach the requirements and increase the quality for mass production.

  Our goal is to use our patented forging technologies to provide forged products satisfactory to our customers’ needs. We have the potential to provide customers with the best solution for saving material consumption and establishing customers’ requirements. Therefore, this ability is the core competitive advantage we have against rivals in the forging industry.

Molding Manufacture

    3-dimensional computerized molding design and development closely cooperates with the professional molding manufacturers, from design, development, to molding manufacturing, electrical discharge machine, linear cutter, ion nitriding, etc., are all monitored inclusively, to reduce costs and sufficiently increase the ability of research and design, as well as mold manufacturing.