Protection of personal safety and working environment

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Our company follows the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and those of our clients and relevant organizations to establish policies and respects the demands of the relevant stakeholders for occupational safety and health, in order to create a healthy and happy workplace.

In 2021, there was 1 major disability or injury case, showing improvement compared to the previous year.

After thorough review and improvement measures, our company has immediately revised the automatic inspection items, checked the safety interlock components of the machines, reiterated the company's safety and life-saving provisions, and initiated supervisors to pay attention to the physical and mental status of colleagues, ensuring their safety during work.

Labor environment monitoring

In order to protect workers from the harm of hazardous substances in the workplace and provide them with a healthy and comfortable working environment, we conduct 2 annual labor environment monitoring to gradually understand the exposure status of our employees.

Safety inspection

Our company has an annual safety inspection team work plan, with the general manager serving as the convener. The inspection reports are recorded and stored in the "Safety Inspection System" by the safety inspection team, which provides suggestions for improvement and specific improvement situations for each unit to refer to for improvement online. The team also reviews the deficiencies based on the suggestions for improvement on a monthly basis at the safety audit team meeting.

Safety inspection operations

The safety inspection team conducts two inspections daily.

Equipment safety management

Our company grades the equipment and manages hazardous machinery and equipment in accordance with the law, conducting thorough inspections to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. For the hazardous machinery and equipment, we carry out regular inspections in accordance with the "Safety Inspection Rules for Hazardous Machinery and Equipment" to ensure the safe use of the equipment.