Cold/warm combined forging technology can produce precise, neatly forged parts, which can save the consumption of metal materials and increase the efficiency of cutting and machining.


Hermetic heating space for forging technology can reduce the production of waste materials and draft angles. Under the control of a sophisticated material feeding process, material costs can be efficiently reduced.


Sophisticated teeth forging technology can reach the precision to JIS Class 3-4. No machining is required.


2000-ton forging punching machine with long stroke can produce shaft and hollow pipe with length 600mm.


2500-ton hot forging automatic production line can efficiently reduce production costs and increase price competitions and profits.


5000-ton large hot forging production line, from cutting, heating, forging, to trimming, can produce large forged parts up to 50kg.


MSC SUPER FORGE stress analysis system can simulate the forging process, shorten the development schedule and reduce errors of trial molding so that the development costs can be effectively controlled.


The automobile parts industry is facing the pressures of globe competition. The trend of technical development of forging automobile part is the current trend, full of challenges and excitements. The multiplicity and cycle of products is changing fast and unpredictably. The competition in the industry is getting more severe. Thus, Chian Hsing will adjust the steps of operation to closely follow the pulse of world trends and keep contributing to light-weight, high quality, low cost, high additional value products.