Environment Policy & ISO-14001

Environmental Policy

To maintain the environmental management system and increase the environmental performance, the environmental policy has been established as a structure to set up and evaluate the environmental target, and to ensure the suitability and effectiveness of the continuous operation of environmental management system.

Our major products are parts for bicycle, automobiles, motorbikes and hardware. The production processes include cold forging, warm/hot forging, combined forging, etc. The production processes effects energy and water, as well as dust, exhaust gas, waste water, solid waste, noise, etc. These are properly controlled with the established environmental management system to reduce the impact to the environment. To efficiently use the water resource, waste water produced in various processes is recycled as much as possible. The air pollution produced by forging, surface treatment, blasting, annealing/normalizing is effectively prevented by environmental pollution prevention equipment. The waste produced in the factory is processed by qualified vendors to conform to legal requirements.

This is the only earth we have. We will hold the social responsibility of industry to validate the environmental management to protect ecology, keep the environment clean and develop sustainable operations. Therefore, we commit to:

1.Following the requirements for environmental protection and related law.
2.All staff attends training to increase the consciousness and ability for environmental protection.
3.All staff continuously find ways to reduce environment impact and prevent pollution.
4.Make available to the public our company environmental policy.


  To ensure a decent life and working environment for everyone and create the necessary conditions for improving the quality of life on the earth, environmental protection and economic development are both important. To contribute to this goal, we have obtained the ISO14000 certification in November 2001 and implemented an environmental assurance management system in our production processes.