Employee benefits and retirement

(1) List the company's various employee welfare measures, further education, training, retirement system and implementation, as well as labor-management agreements and various employee rights protection measures.
The company's various employee welfare measures, retirement systems and their implementation and labor-management agreements:
1. Employee benefits:
All employees of the company participate in labor insurance, health insurance, and add group personal accident insurance, and an employee welfare committee handles employee welfare matters, so the labor-management relationship is harmonious.
2. Further study and training situation: irregularly arrange employees to do education and training or send employees to overseas training institutions for further study.
3. Retirement system and its implementation:
The company is aware of the relevant provisions of the Labor Standards Act to formulate employee retirement measures, and has approved the establishment of the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee. Since November 1975, it has allocated 2% of the total monthly salary to the labor retirement reserve. It is stored in the special account of the Central Trust Bureau for future payment of employee pensions. In addition, the new labor pension system implemented on July 1, 1994 adopts a fixed allocation system. The company also follows the law and pays the staff's pension at a rate of 6% of the staff's salary every month.
4. The labor-management agreement and the protection of employees' rights and interests:
(1) The company has always paid attention to employee welfare and harmonious labor-management relations. It has never suffered arbitrary losses due to labor disputes, and it is expected that there will be no such losses in the future.
(2) Losses suffered by the company due to labor disputes in the last three years: none.
(3) Whether there are any disputes or matters that need to be coordinated between labor and capital: none.
(4) Relevant rules are formulated for various employee rights and interests, and employees are open to respond at any time.

(2) Losses suffered from labor disputes in the most recent year and up to the date of publication of the annual report, and disclose the estimated amount and countermeasures that may occur at present and in the future: no such situation.