Purchase the LF-1200 Chunmu Hydraulic Forging Machine to expand the capacity of the long-stroke forging production line.
Purchase the KV-2500A Single Crank Gantry Type Punch Press to expand the capacity of the automated transmission shaft production line.


Purchased K-630B punch production line
Through CHIAN HSING (B.V.I.), an additional investment of US$5,000,000 in Fushang (Huai'an) Precision Parts Co., Ltd., to expand the Chinese auto forging market and add another factory
Purchased conveyor belt cleaning machine FX-8U-111


In July., we success in getting again an order of the TIE PLATE which spare part of SHINKANSEN use at KYUSHU JAPAN, it will deliver until MAY 2009.


We constructed 2500TON and 1250TON hot forging press to finish in CHIAN HSING (TAICANG), began to operation.


In Sep., we success in getting an order of the TIE PLATE which spare part of JR SHINKANSHEN use at area northeast in JAPAN, to export successfully the forging parts of monorail mount into the market of JAPAN.


In order to meet the demand of our company for production of big-sized products and upgrading the additional value for products, we progressively purchase equipment: 1 set of KL2-2000, 2 set2 of KV-1000, 1set of KV-1600, 2 sets of PKXW-2500, 1 set of EUMUCO-1250 and 1 set of KSP-2500, etc. In April, we have purchased 40% stock right of CHIAN HSING(TAI CANG) METALS PRODUCT CO., LTD. from HIRSCHVOGEL, GERMANY, and to march into the market of automobile parts in CHINA.


In Aug., base plate of Taiwan High Speed Railway was successfully and smoothly produced, and total productivity is 1,200,000 pcs.


in Feb., Began to mass production the base plate for Taiwan High Speed Railway. In Jun.,our ISO-9001 Quality Certification upgrade to the edition of Year 2000 and we also succeed in passing Quality Certification of (UL) ISO/TS 16949:2002 at the same time.


In Dec., signed a contract with SUMIHATSU CO., LTD., JAPAN, to consign for processing and trading purpose, and produce 1,200,000 pcs of BASE PLATE for Taiwan High Speed Rail.


In Feb., our stock was approved formally for trading in the National Securities Counter Trade Center with total registered capital $310,087,500.-. In March, we signed formally a joint-venture contract with Hirsehvogel of Germany to invest in CHIAN HSING(TAI CANG) plant. The name of joint-venture company was named "HIRSCHVOGEL & CHIAN HSING(TAI CANG) METALS PRODUCT CO., LTD.", and we step into the market of CHINA for automobile parts. In Nov., we succeed in passing Environmental Management System Certification of ISO-14001.


CHIAN HSING(TAI CANG) METALS PRODUCT CO., LTD. under capital transferring of CHIAN HSING(B.V.I.) was established to expand the business opportunity in CHINA.


To cope with big-sized item of our product and increase the additional value, we progressively introduce the big-sized press and purchase German-made KIESERLING KPRF-400 cold forging crank-shaft press and KPRF-630 cold forging toggle press each one set, one production line of HASENCLEVER HPVE-1250 heat forging German-type. KOMATSU CAH-5000 heat forging press of Japanese-made & C25-500 hot forging production line, and one production line of San Yung Continuous Annealing Furnace to reinforce our forging capacity. In July, 1998, we had won an award of "Outstanding Technology" under assessment of R.O.C. Forging Association.


For the demand of business operation, we increased nearly planthouse land area of 962m to enlarge our inventory of Pro/ENGINEER parameter type solid mold design system to research and develop 3D advanced and systematic new product. Also, we purchased precise mold equipment, including CHARMILLES EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) of Swiss and Lungtse CNC lathe each one set to increase our product's precision. However, in order to increase forging productivity, we purchased Japanese-made AIDAK-1000, K-630, KP-400 cold forging toggle press each one set and Hsing Tai SCI-200 Discharge Press to enforce the forging quality.


 In Sep., we succeed in passing Quality Certification of QS-9000 in USA (Certificate NO.:UL-A8498)


Our products passed ISO 9002 and CNS 12682 Quality System Certification performed by the ROC'S bureau of commodity inspection and quarantine, moea in FEBRUARY 1996.( CERTIFICATE NO 5M4Y014-00 )  


Complete, new plant in Taichung industrial park and complete moving plant to the new site in April, purchase 4 sets of KP-400 cold forging press,1 set of LP-300 long stroke press, increase CAH-1600 hot forging automatized equipment to upgrade forging quality and competition ability to march, toward a new forging era.


Purchased 1 set of Germany-made press EUMUCO HP-1600, 1 set of UK- made W&M press 750 TON, to expand the forging ability for mixed cold/hot forging to produce automobile parts, etc. ln crease capital to 116,000,000-in the same year.


The 20th anniversary of Chian Hsing Forging industrial Co., Ltd. Mating to the governmental encourage investment increasing the production equipments, and improving the production technique, so as to upgrade the quality of alloy steel produced under forging press. Purchased inverted metallurgical microscope magnetic particle crack detector,& melting and annealing furnace to ensure the forging quality of automobile parts.


New equipments were renewed. We purchased 2 sets of KT- 400 fully auto cold forging toggle press and more than 13233 in Taichung industrial Park also was purchased tobe new factory site under building.


In order to lower the cost and upgrade the technique of forging, we imported cold forging forming machine a fully auto cross-type machine, from Li Peng Co. in Japan. We applied for four years tax-free and it was approved with file. Our capital was increased to be NT$54,000,000.Qualified by the industrial Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs as satellite factory of CHINA STEEL CO., LTD. 


Qualified by No.206 Ordnance Dept of Combined Service Force as satellite factory.


The capital was increased to be NT$20,000,000. and our factory was approved by industrial Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs as Strategic industrial Factory.


New factory was completed and moved in for business operation, and we purchased cold forging press 1 set of KP-1200, 1 set of vertical column type dual-crank-shaft auto feed press TF-150, and 1 set of KP-400 auto feed device for cold forging toggle press, step into the automation of production, and our company name was changed as CHIAN HSING FORGING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.


 Planthouse was enlarged and settled with new equipments. We purchased a land more than 700 pings locating at 18. Ta-Ho 2nd Lane, Hsi Tun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C. for factory building. The registered capital was increased to be NT$120,000,000.00.


Factory was moved to 129-7 Fu shang Lane, Ta Ho Li,Hsi Tun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C., and the plant area was 240 pings.


Company name was changed as Hsieh Hsing Iron Factory at the above same address, and capital registered is NT$30,000.


Set-Up Hsieh Hsing industrial Co. at 161-1, Chung Rd., Taichung City Taiwan, R.O.C., which is the forerunner of our company, and capital registered is NT$6,000.